Celtic Tiffany Jewelry – A Beautiful Mystery Unraveled

decembrie 27, 2010

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The water system would be revitalized. And, with adequate sources of power, heavy industry could at last move over to Mars, taking advantage of free land, light gravity, low taxation.
And then another rumor had it that the UN was going to set up a military base in the F.D.R. Mountains to offset United States and Soviet plans along the same general lines.Top Tiffany Jewelry
Whichever rumor was true, one fact stuck out: certain parcels of land in the F.D.R. range were going to be acutely valuable, pretty soon. The entire range was up for sale right now, in pieces varying from half an acre to a hundred thousand acres, and at Tiffany Jewelry offer a staggeringly low price. Once speculators got wind of the UN’s plans, this would change… no doubt the speculators were already beginning to act. To claim land on Mars they had to be on the spot; it could not be done from Home–that was the law.

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