A Short Term Tiffany Jewelry

decembrie 17, 2010

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No, that was the day before. Or the day before that. How long had I been doing jumble sales? Years. I had been up for years.
“We’re going to Tiffany Silver Jewelry have to give this up,” I said, thinking wearily of how far it was back to Oxford. Perhaps we could sleep in the church in Iffley. No, it Top Tiffany Jewelry was only open until four. And no Fashion Tiffany Jewelry doubt there was a “No sleeping in pews” sign tacked to the hymnal rack.
“Look!” Terence cried. He pointed to a willow-covered island in the middle of the river. “There he is!”
It was definitely Professor Peddick. He was bending over at the very edge of the river, his robe fluttering, peering through his pince-nez at the water.
“Professor Peddick!” Terence shouted to him, and he nearly toppled in.
The professor grabbed hold of an uncertain-looking willow branch and steadied himself. He adjusted his pince-nez and peered at us.

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